Laser removal and R20

One of the most effective ways to remove a tattoo is through the use of lasers for ink removal. Unlike earlier methods this doesn’t include invasive procedures to cut or scrape the ink out of the skin.

However, to perform laser removal properly will generally take weeks or months. There is something called the R20 approach to laser removal which consists of the compression of several treatments into a few extended treatment sessions. Generally, a session will only consist of one pass with the laser, and then it will generally require several weeks before another session occurs. The R20 approach means that there are far fewer sessions that are necessary and therefore the treatment is radically accelerated. It can result in somewhat more discomfort in recovery, but this might be acceptable to someone in a hurry.

Tataway in Boston will be a convenient choice for Providence tattoo removal. They offer both regular treatments and the R20 treatments. Their offices are on South Street in downtown Boston and Tuesday through Friday evenings, they offer valet parking.